Graph Theory and Machine Learning

For my final year project at university, I made a creature generation application written in Rust, which would evolve a population of creatures potentially hundreds of times until the "perfect" creature was found. It was made to compare different optimisation methods and present the best of genetic algorithm, hill climbing, and simulated annealing.

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Web Development

This was my first real interest in computers, as by far the most approachable method of creating interactive programs on a screen. For this I learnt HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (including NodeJS APIs), and PHP over the years, and have become proficient at ES2015, with soon to be production code in development right now!

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Game Development

Similarly to web development, I started making games at a very young age. I have previously taken part in an online 48 hour rapid development competition called Ludum Dare, where you must create a game from scratch in a single weekend. I've ranked in the top 5% of entries every time I've entered, and the games I make always get complimented for their high level of polish. I use GameMaker Studio to create my games, and although it has some major quirks, I have utilised it to the fullest.

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