Tom Gardiner

Tom Gardiner

Software developer by day, asleep by night. Aspiring chiptune musician.

Now that the UK has gone on lockdown, it’s so peaceful outside. Birds are singing, not a car or a person to be heard. We should go on lockdown more often.....

Who’d have thought that actually using your own software could highlight all the flaws it withholds?

I’m going on a trip to Scotland soon and I was really hoping to use my website to post pictures. Turns out microlight (what powers this site) and the micro...

I’m getting very conscious I should work on microlight more 😅

On my way to London for a machine learning conference 🤖. When I get there, let’s find out what I’ve forgotten to pack!

I've realised that I'm missing a few pages I used to have on my pre-microlight site. Specifically, my CV, and a now page. Soon to be fixed!