Tom Gardiner

Tom Gardiner

Software developer by day, asleep by night. Aspiring chiptune musician.

Why microlight was destined to fail

I've been wracking my brain about organising my digital life lately, and have come to realise that microlight was probably never going to work how I really wanted it to.

Shopping during the COVID-19 panic

Just did my weekly shop, as usual. Made some observations what with the COVID-19 panic going around.

Microlight v1.0.1 - Bug Fixes!

As to be expected, the initial release had its fair share of bugs. I've ironed out a few I discovered within a few hours of live testing (because that's alwa...

And so we begin again...

I am now fully set up with a micropub website and can't wait to start finally using it. One of the things I also really wanted this for was to post music to -...