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Tom Gardiner

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Microlight v1.0.1 - Bug Fixes!

As to be expected, the initial release had its fair share of bugs. I've ironed out a few I discovered within a few hours of live testing (because that's always the right way to do it!). Anyway, here's the changelog:


  • Dark mode for default theme (hint: there's an option in index.php)
  • Media endpoint URL in HTML head section (in addition to micropub query)


  • Uses current time if published value is an empty string on micropub API
  • Properly escape values for meta tags in HTML head
  • Prevent errors from occurring when trying to determine non-existent Content-Type
  • Wrap long words and links in default theme
  • Save user configuration propertly if note and links are empty


  • Resize profile to always be square

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